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Spring / Summer 2017 – Didriksons. 9 MARS 2017
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Slaghöken – a timeless classic

Dragon boats first appeared in a regular Olympic sailing class during the 1948 summer games in London. Slaghöken, the Swedish boat, competed in this class. Then, sponsorship was not a very well-known concept in sports. But Didriksons, a world-leading rainwear company, donated three sets of rain gear that the crew wore when the weather turned rough. The crew put up a great fight against Norway but “only” received a silver medal.

Second best wasn’t enough. At the 1956 games in Melbourne, Australia, they competed with Slaghöken II. This time, they won the gold! They won the last race against the Danes, and ended up with exactly the same points (5723). But Slaghöken II, and Sweden had three victories, and Denmark had only two. The gold came home to Sweden’s west coast.

Of course the garments worn during the competition had the same name as the boats. Legend has it that the garments’ great quality and the collection’s name inspired them to name the boats. Or maybe it was the other way around ... We’re not sure. But one thing we’re sure about: the garments performed for the Olympic winners.